Acer n300 surfaces

Acer n300 PDA

Acer has unveiled the n310 and n311 Pocket PC devices. These VGA resolution devices are roughly the same size as an iPAQ h4150 at 110 x 70 x 13.7mm 135 grams. That’s pretty sweet!

In that small package, you will also find a Samsung S3C2440 400MHz processor, with 64MB of RAM and 128MB of ROM (64MB of ROM in the n310), an SDIO slot, Bluetooth 1.2 and 802.11b WiFi (the last only on the n311). Both devices will run Windows Mobile 5.0. Acer will also bundle Pocket TV Enterprise Edition to play back MPEG1-encoded video content.

Pricing and availability information are not yet available.

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