Jabra stereo headset for Motorola ROKR

Jabra C220s headset

Jabra and Cingular have announced the availability of the Jabra C220s stereo headset for the Motorola ROKR, the world’s first iTunes-enabled mobile phone. The Jabra C220s stereo headset plugs directly into the Motorola ROKR, allowing users to listen to music while never missing a call. The headset is equipped with an in-line microphone for clear voice pick-up and features a call-answer/call-end feature. The Jabra C220s is sold separately and manufactured exclusively for use with the new Motorola ROKR handset

THe Jabra C220s can be purchased at Cingular store as well as the Jabra web site. The suggested retail price is $34.99 USD.

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