Agenda Fusion update for Windows Mobile 5.0

Agenda Fusion from Developer One has been updated. Version 7.50 is optimized for Windows Mobile 5.0 and features a completely redesigned core that takes advantage of the WM5.0 redesigned storage system for contact, task and calendar data.

The upgrade also features Contacts view enhancements (including support for the new WM5 contact data fields, a new multiple line contact display and a new group-by-company feature), Projects enhancements like support for the WM5.0 database format and additional information (due dates and progress status) and Tasks view enhancements (supporting the new task options).

PPC 2002/2003 users will need to wait a little longer to get their version of Agenda Fusion 7.50.

Agenda Fusion 7.50 for Windows Mobile 5.0 is available for $29.95 from our affiliate Handango. If you already have a Version 7 registration code, it will work for all v7.x releases of Agenda Fusion. A free trial version is also available.

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