Battery technology holding us back

We all get excited when faster processors, better screens, wi-fi technology comes to our PDAs. Unfortunately, there is a downside – the increased power consumption. The Economist reports that unpublished research by the Boston Consulting Group has found that battery capacity is growing at about 8% a year. On the other hand, the power required by our PDAs and other mobile devices is growing at more than 3 times that rate!

Will things ever get better? The Economist thinks so: Eventually, a new technology, such as miniature fuel cells, may solve the mobile-energy crisis. Until then, consumers will face stark choices. And what are those? Charging more often, spare batteries or using fewer features to keep consumption down.

Before you feel too bad, The Economist also reports that a soldier in the American Army may have to lug around 15kg worth of batteries to power his “Future Force Warrior” combat kit! That should drive a little R&D!

Source: Pocket PC Thoughts

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