Bitstream Releases ThunderHawk 2.0 Smartphone Edition

Bitstream Inc. has released a Smartphone version of their Internet browser ThunderHawk 2.0. Focusing on providing an improved experience on small screen, ThunderHawk offers features such as multiple views (full screen view where it is easy to find information and a split screen view where you can focus on a specific area), seamless connectivity wheredropped or interrupted connections are automatically re-established and 128-bit encryption both ways among others.

Unlike other mobile browsers, ThunderHawk doesn’t relying on WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) or cHTML (Compact HyperText Markup Language). Simply stated, you can finally view your favorite Web sites just as they look on your desktop.

To use ThunderHawk, you will need a subscription. The annual subscription costs $49.95 USD per year or you can pay $5.95 USD monthly. Free companion subscriptions are available to current ThunderHawk subscribers who own both a Smartphone and a Pocket PC. And a 30-day free trial is also available.

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