Bluetooth Gamepad for your PocketPC

Chainpus bgp100

If you play a lot of games on your PDA and you find the d-pad control less than ideal, the recent announcement of the BGP-100 universal Bluetooth gamepad might put a smile on your face. According to Chainpus (its manufacturer), the BGP-100 will work on devices running Windows Mobile 2003 and Windows Mobile 2003 for Smartphones, as well as the Symbian Series 60 and Symbian UIQ OS. Obviously, Bluetooth is also required.

The gamepad measures 145mm x127.3mm x 30.5mm, weighs 130.2 grams and will be available in a number of colours including black, white and royal blue.

Pricing and availability information are still pending. Let’s just hope that it does not turn out to be vapourware!

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