Craft magical items on your PDA

Trisystech Artificer

In most fantasy games, you are the hero saving damsels from dragons and finding the treasures. Little attention is payed to those who toil so hard to outfit the heroes. But now the tables are turned: Trisystech has released Artificer, a fantasy business simulation where you create magical items that you sell to heroes. You will have to juggle decisions around what can they afford and what raw materials to buy. It’s up to you to make sure that they come back alive!

Artificer features 5 difficulty levels, 3 hero classes, 5 dungeons, you can craft 10 different items with 10 different powers and an original soundtrack by Jason Surguine (of Snails and Arvale fame).

The game requires 2.5Mb of storage and 9Mb of program RAM. A trial version is available and the game can be purchased for $19.95 USD.

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