Dell Axim X50 and X50v ROM A05 available

Dell Axim X50v

Dell has released an update for the Dell X50 series ROM. The new version includes:

  • Added support for LEAP-WAP wireless encryption
  • Increased data transfer rate of SDIO to 19.5MHz on PXA27X C5
  • Added new network certification – GoDaddy SSL certificate root into the ROM image
  • Updated Bluetooth stack BTW-CE
  • Enhanced wireless encryption WPA-PSK network under Cisco AP with new IOS version 12.3(2) JA
  • Fixed bug on Home applet screen on the X50
  • Fixed bug in WMV Marathon display codec (X50) and WMV G2700 display codec (X50v)

2 versions of the ROM are available: A05 for the Axim X50 and ROM A05 for the Axim X50v.

Note: Dell recommends to only backup PIM data from a previous system and restore to a new system. All other applications should be re-installed again on the new system to make sure new features are not disabled.