Manage your RSS and podcasts with SmartRSS For Pocket PC

BeetzStream SmartRSS

BeetzStream has releeased SmartRSS 2.1 for the Pocket PC. Previously, it had only been available for Smartphones. One interesting feature of SmartRSS is that you can use not only for RSS but also to download and listen to podcasts.

SmartRSS 2.1 features:

  • Support for RSS 2.0, 0.9x and RDF feeds
  • Support for RSS podcasts
  • Categories for your subscriptions
  • Simultaneous download of multiple podcasts
  • Various scheduling options to download both RSS and podcasts
  • And more

SmartRSS 2.1 is available for $14.99 USD from our affiliate Handango. A trial version limiting you to 5 items per channel is also available.

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