Faster Rogers network coming to Canada

Rogers is planning to roll out a 3G UMTS-HSDPA high-speed wireless network. At peak rates, this latest iteration of the UMTS standard is capable of download speeds of 14 megabits per second. A trial deployment has begun in Toronto and Rogers expects the service to be available in other major Canadian cities starting as early as next year.

Rogers is also developing an IP-based service environment called IMS (IP Multimedia System) which would allow devices to switch from one network to another seemlessly. A device like your PDA or mobile phone could run on whatever network is avaible and automatically switch over as you move into a zone covered by a different network.

Rogers’ main rival Bell Canada is already running trials of its own 3G network in Toronto. Bell’s version is based on EVDO.

Exciting times to be living in Toronto (if you have the right toys!!)

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