Off-topic: HP recalls 135,000 notebook batteries

If you bought an HP Pavilion, Compaq, Presario or Evo notebook in the last year or so, you should check to make sure that your battery is not defective. Tdoay, HP issued a recall on 135,000 notebook batteries after receiving 16 reports of batteries overheating due to an internal short circuit. The notebooks shipped between March 2004 to May 2005. Check the bar code label and if it starts with GC, IA, L0 or L1, you are affected by the recall.

The HP web page that should have the necessary information was not available as I posted this. So, the ‘More information’ link will refer you to the ‘Replacement programs and product recalls’ page where you should keep an eye on the ‘HP notebook battery pack safety recall’ link.

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