Helping you avoid buying junk

You come to Gadgetorama every day (I hope) and read about all these new gadgets that are coming out. But we all know that the reality often does not live up to the hype. And I would assume that most of us have a limited budget – buying the wrong product can be really frustrating. Fortunately for us all, there is a new resource that should help make the buying process a little easier. is a site designed to help answer the question “What should I buy?”

When we set out to create this site, our goal was to provide product recommendations in the same manner a highly-knowledgeable friend might. This friend would consider direct feedback he/she had received from people, as well as articles or reviews around the Web about the products. The knowledgeable friend would also consider the personal preferences of the person requesting the recommendations, and then recommend the best possible product.

The site allows you to set your price range and select the features that you need to have in ten product categories (including digital cameras, mp3 players and cellular phones). Every product there are two ratings: The web rating is expert reviews around the Web; the user rating is opinions of fellow consumers.

Source: Digital Media Thoughts

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