HP iPAQ rz1715, rx3715 and hx4700 discontinued?

iPAQ hx4700

The iPAQ rx3715, rz1715 and hx4700 have all been discontinued by HP in the UK. Although they remain for sale in the US and Canada, one has to wonder if they will be for much longer.

In the case of the rz1715, it is likely making way for the recently announced rx1950. And will we see updated rx3700 and hx4700 models (as HP just did with the updated hx2000 lineup) or will they make way for new families entirely. In the case of the hx4700, one must wonder what role (if any) the delayed WM5.0 upgrade had to play. One thing is certain: WM2003 models are all headed on the way out. When simply depends on such things as how well they are selling and inventory levels.

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