VITO Remote 4.0 comes with voice control

VITO Remote

VITO Technology’s latest version of Remote 4.0 is now available and its coolest feature is its new ability to control your TV, VCR, DVD (and more) simply using your voice! After activating the voice control option by saying a keyword you can switch the channels, turn up the volume, playback your favorite DVDs: anything you can do with the help of a stylus or hardware buttons. All you need is only record necessary voice tags and start to control your electronics by giving it voice commands.

Version 4.0 of this software that turns your Pocket PC into all-in-one infrared remote control also features an improved training mode, an improved IR driver and bug fixes. In addition, ITO Remote comes with 50 pre-defined profiles for various TV and VCR models. You can also customize the user interface. You can choose your own buttons, shapes and labels, colours and sounds.

VITO Remote 4.0 can be purchased for $15.95 USD from our affiliate PocketGear.

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