Microsoft: Why some devices cannot be upgraded to WM5.0

When Windows Mobile 5.0 was announced, we all turned to the device manufacturers to see which devices would be upgradeable and which would not. A lot of people have been unhappy since then. Now, a post on the Windows Mobile Team Blog provides some background as to why some devices will not be upgradeable (either by choice from the manufacturer and/or because of physical limitations). Essentially, it comes down to a simple formula that looks at the total cost of developing the upgrade and how many people can be expected to upgrade. I guess there’s a fine line between “economics” and “greed” but that line does exist.

With Windows Mobile 5.0, Microsoft aimed to build an infrastructure that will allow updates to be delivered in a fashion similar to what happens with Windows Update. I guess we will know how successful this plan is when Microsoft releases the next version of Windows Mobile.

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