What is next for PalmSource?

BargainPDA takes a look in the crystal ball to see what will be the next move by PalmSource. Cobalt is going to feel like Windows ME, something that is probably best forgotten as PalmSource works on the next big thing. So, what is that next big thing? BargainPDA is predicting that it will be a Linux-based operating system. Already, some 500 staff are working on it. PalmSource also still has some big hitters as licensees (ncluding recently signed up LG, Motorola and Palm) and all might be interested. The key will be that the new OS will need to be easy to use and allow manufacturers to add their own customizations that will let them differentiate their product line from that of competitors.

So, how soon will we see this new Linux-based Palm OS? BargainPDA estimates that it won’t be until 2007 (which leaves 2006 for all the hype).

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