Myst and Riven coming to the Pocket PC

When I got a computer with a CD-ROM, the very first game I got was Myst. And I was lost in that world and its puzzles for a long time. And now it looks like I could be once again swallowed up by Myst but this time on my iPAQ. Cyan Worlds is working with Mean Hamster Software to port the classic game Myst over to the Pocket PC.

"The proliferation of the Pocket PC and its ability now to handle expansive adventures such as Myst with ease ensures users can explore, discover and become entirely enveloped in Myst’s worlds nearly anywhere” said Chris Brandkamp, VP at Cyan Worlds. “The idea of making Myst available in a portable form,&quot Chris continues, "has been a dream for us and we’re pleased to see it finally hit the streets."

Myst for the Pocket PC take up only 29 megabytes of Flash Card or internal memory and will will be available from Myst PPC and will be available as a download from Cyan Worlds’s website later this month. Pricing information is not available yet.

Mean Hamster Software’s web site also indicates that Riven is under development. But I could not find any details as to when it is expected to become available.

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