New iPod minis & iPod Photos announced

Apple iPod mini

As expected, Apple announced new iPod Minis today. But some earlier rumours have proven to be incorrect. The second generation iPod mini comes with either a 4GB drive or 6GB drive. No new colours were announced and gold is no longer offered. And none of the new models have colour screens. Longer battery life is promised for both (18 hours on a battery charge).

Pricing will be $199 USD ($249 CAD) for the 4GB model and $249 USD ($319 CAD) for the 6GB model. They are already on sale at the Apple Store.

Two new iPod Photos were also announced: A 30GB model which replace the existing 40GB model and a 60GB model which will have a lower price than the existing one. The 30GB model will sell for $349 USD ($439 CAD) and the 60GB model will sell for $449 USD ($569 CAD).

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