New Palm devices coming

One of Palm’s largest shareholders, Sagio Investments, has released a new investment report on Palm Inc. that reveals details about upcoming Palm devices. Aside from the Treo 700w powered by Windows Mobile 5.0, there is the Treo 700p which will differ only in that it will run the Garnet Palm OS. Two additional models are scheduled for March 2006. The first, codenamed Hollywood will be a 3G GSM smartphone intended for Europe and Cingular in the US. The second, codename Lowrider, will be a sub-$300 entry level PDA device.

The report also looks at what makes Palm a good stock buy (in Sagio’s opinion) with the prediction that Palm will sell over 2.5 million Smartphones in 2006 and that it has a real competitive edge because Palm supports many different push email software solutions.

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