PC Magazine reviews the iPAQ hw6515

iPAQ hw6500

PC Magazine has published a detailed review of the iPAQ hw6515. What sets this review apart from most out there is that the hw6515 covered here is for the US market. As widely expected, the carrier will be Cingular. The GPS software looks like it will be by Navteq and push email will be provided by Goodlink (and PC Magazine feels that the hw6515 does its best work as an e-mail device).

The review is a mixed bag. The hw6515 does have its strengths but PC Magazine did have issues with the preproduction model that they were using. And I was not surprised to read that PC Magazine would have liked to see more onboard memory, missed built-in WiFi and ran into issues with some software not working well with the square screen. I suspect that those complaints we will hear many times over.

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