PDA Buyer’s Guide Reviews the hx2750

PDA Buyer’s Guide’s Lisa Gade got her hands on an hx2750 and she likes it!

I’m getting tired of liking iPAQ Pocket PCs. This is an old problem of mine, dating back to the first revolutionary Pocket PC, the iPAQ 3600. The trouble is, they generally turn out some of the best Pocket PCs on the market; and the end result is that the name iPAQ has become synonymous with Pocket PC in many consumers’ minds.

Benchmarking reveals an iPAQ that beats every other iPAQ that she has seen, including the Dell Axim X50! And despite the fact that the screen is only QVGA, it still manages to impress. The downside (aside from the price?) – The lack of VGA. Is there anyone out there not clamouring for an hx2000 with VGA?

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