Neowin reveals Windows Mobile 2005 beta screenshots has revealed some details and screenshots of the upcoming Windows Mobile 2005. Apparently, Beta 2 (v5.0.1512 Build 14207) is currently being tested on the Motorola MPx220 Smartphone. Among the changes are the next generation of ActiveSync which will allow the synchronisation of Outlook contact pictures, improved finger accessibility of communications methods (does that mean new input methods?) and Windows Media Player 10.x Mobile with support for the new Janus DRM system.

One of the coolest new features will be “Pocket PC Persistent Store” which will prevent loss of data that occurs when you run out of battery power. Mobile Office and Internet Explorer Mobile will also be enhanced.

Also look for Wi-fi support on Smartphones, WPA supported, and the ability for Smartphone users to be able to talk on their phones and use Wi-fi simultaneously.

This sounds very cool!

Update: At Microsoft’s request, the article was pulled down by

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