Quake 3 Arena on your Pocket PC

Quake 3 Arena

We thought it would be fun to do it, so we ported the recenly-GPL-released Quake 3 Arena from iD Software to Windows CE 4.2 for Pocket PC. Barely days after Quake gets ported over to the Pocket PC comes word that Quake 3 Arena can now also be played on your Pocket PC. Well, sort of.

The requirements are kind of stiff (120-150MB of storage space (Usually on a 256 MB SD Card, might fit on 128MB SD cards, 64MB of available working memory for example) and the installation is not straightforward. And what do you get at the end? If you get like 4-6 frames per second, you’re doing pretty well! Considering that there is no hardware acceleration, it’s pretty impressive that the game will run at all!

Source: PocketGamer

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