Return to Mysterious Island

TetraEdge has released the game Return to Mysterious Island. This full motion video game is inspired by the classic “The Mysterious Island” by Jules Verne. In the game, the adventurous and determined Mina, becomes stranded on the shores of a wild and apparently uninhabited island. Exploring her new surroundings, she uncovers artefacts, living spaces and technologies left behind by people who came before her to this uncharted island. During her journey, Mina becomes aware of a figure in the shadows. Could this be the unsettled ghost of the legendary Captain Nemo? Piecing together the hints and clues he provides, Mina must travel to the well hidden Nautilus to liberate the island. It’s up to you and Mina to solve the puzzles using the items that you come across as you explore.

Compatible with VGA devices, the game will also work at 320×240 resolution. TetraEdge recommends a 400MHz processor with good graphics performance, 22MB of free memory and 90MB of storage space. The game is Windows Mobile 5.0 compatible.

Return to Mystersious Island is available for $24.95 from our affiliate Handango.

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