Saves Ramses II from imminent death

Egyptian Prophecy

Tetraedge has released “Egyptian Prohpecy – The Fate of Ramses”. In this Pocket PC game, you are a young Egyptian priestess who must solve a mystery involving the site of a future temple. This temple must be built so that Amon-Ra, the Sun God, extends the life of the dying Ramses II. You will need to interact with various characters, including some gods, and travel along the Nile river to visit different locations.

The game looks impressive but be warned that the beautiful graphics and cut scenes also means that the requirements are pretty steep: a 300MHz processor, 25-30 MB of free memory and 210 MB storage space. For those with VGA displays, the game will run at a fixed 320×240 resolution.

Egyptian Prophecy is available from Clickgamer for $24.95 USD.

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