The Nokia 770 Internet Tablet

Nokia 770 Internet Tablet

Nokia’s latest release is not a mobile phone! The just announced Nokia 770 Internet Tablet is a device intended for people who already have one more computers at home. The 770 is designed primarily for browsing the web and doing email using a WiFi network. And if Wi-Fi is not available, a Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone can be used.

The device is under 6-inches wide, 3.1-inches wide, weighs only about 8 ounces and has a 4.13-inch touch screen capble of handwriting recognition. It runs on Linux.

Nokia is not intending the 770 to be a storage device; it does not come with normally standard PIM applications (calendar, task list, etc) but it does come with Opera, an email client, an RSS reader and an Internet radio.

Pricing for the 770 is expected to be around $350 USD and it should be available in Q3 2005. Upgraded software should be available in 2006 and should support instant messaging as well as VOIP.

Lots of pictures can be seen over at

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