Tweaks2K2 .NET – Hack your PocketPC PDA registry

Tweaks2K2.NET is an application that offers various hacks and tricks to modify your PDA’s registry. For example, Do you want to identify PIE as IE 6.0 or use Cleartype in PIE? Want narrower scroll bars? This tool will let you make the necessary registry changes. In total, over 80 hacks are available.

Tweaks 2k2.NET supports Windows Mobile 2003 and 2003 SE as well as PPC2000 and PPC2002 as long as the .NET Compact Framework is installed.

You can purchase Tweaks 2k2.NET for $15.50 USD from our affiliate Handango. Tweaks 2k2.NET Lite which comes with about half as many hacks is available for free, again from Handango.