XBox 360 price announced

Microsoft Xbox 360

Microsoft revealed pricing for the upcoming Xbox 360 at the German Games Convention. Due out in time for Christmas, there will be 2 editions of the console. The Xbox 360 Core System will be a barebones configuration that will start at $299.99 USD (€299.99 or £209.99); the second, simply called the Xbox 360, will come with additional accessories and signature metallic detailing and will sell for $399.99 USD (€399.99 or £279.99).

So what do you get for that extra $100 USD? The package will include the Xbox 360 console, a 20GB hard drive, a wireless controller, a removable faceplate for the console (others will let you customize your console), a headset, a component HD-AV cable, a Xbox Live Silver membership and, for a limited time, a bonus integrated control center for the entire digital experience lets consumers play DVDs, movies and music, as well as access their Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005-based PC’s controls with a single remote.

Additional accessories such as storage cards, other faceplates, wireless networking adapters and more will all be sold separately.

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