Your local weather forecast courtesy of Spb Weather

Spb Weather

Should you pack an umbrella, a parka or the suntan lotion today? Spb Software House’s latest release, Spb Weather, will help you make that decision. Spb Weather uses various Internet weather sources to let you track weather forecasts in different cities. And each city can be assigned a different weather source. You can add cities from a list or manually if you know of a weather source unknown to Spb Weather. And there is a fair amount of customization available: From the view modes which can show seven day, five day, four day or multiline modes, to parameters as temperature, atmospheric pressure, and wind speed, to refresh rules.

Spb Weather also makes use of the recently announced plug-in functionality in Spb Pocket Plus 2.5. Configure as many cities and information as you want and set it on its own tab so that you only see it when you need it.

Spb Weather can be purchased from our affiliate Handango for $14.95 USD. A trial version is also available.

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