Are Dell Axim X50 and X51 cradles frying motherboards?

Dell X51v

Unconfirmed reports that the Dell Axim X50 and X51 (including the v models) cradles can fry computer motherboards have been floating around for a long time. Apparently, all cradle versions (A00, A01 and the current A02) can exhibit this issue. Werner Ruotsalainen (also known as Menneisyys), a Microsoft MVP, has posted an excellent summary of the issue and the results of his own investigation.

Although he was not able to reproduce the problem, he provides 3 steps that you can follow to ensure that you don’t experience the problem:

  1. plug in the AC charger in the cradle
  2. put the Axim onto the cradle
  3. connect & disconnect USB cradle to/from PC as desired

Thanks, Menneisyys!

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