Axim owners petition Dell for WM5.0 fixes

A lot of Dell Axim users who upgraded to Windows Mobile 5.0 feel that not all is right with the update. To raise awareness of the issue, a petition has been started. We the owners of various Dell Axims (X50, X50v, X51, X51v) feel that the upgrade to WM5 is not well supported. We enjoy this product but we can no long sit by and let our words go unheard. We collectively agree that the update to Windows Mobile 5 is not properly working on our systems and we would like quick and detailed action in response to this problem. We are well aware that this is a problem on a multitude of handhelds because your company has even released a rollback program. Some of us paid for this upgrade, while others obtained it free with the purchase of the unit. Your product has been well received by the media for its style, form factor and ample product abilities. We feel that unless this is handled in a prompt manner we will take higher action to not only report this to the media outlets, but also going as far as legal action. We don’t feel our demands are unjust but we do feel your treatment of loyal and trusted customers is very unjust. This petition has been circulated throughout various Pocket PC forums and members and it is sure to catch the eye of a media outlet. We ask that you fix this problem before your customer service level goes south.

If you have experienced issues with your update, consider adding your voice to the petition.

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