Windows Mobile: Where did 240 come from?

Ever wondered why we’re seeing 240×240 screen resolutions on Windows Mobile devices? Mike Calligaro of the Windows Mobile Team shares some thoughts and sheds some light on how the team decided to adopt that resolution for square screens.

And what about that 320×320 resolution that we see on the Palm Treos? We actively talked about doing 320×320. But we decided against it for a number of reasons. The first was that there’s no good backward compatibility story for it. You can pixel double, but “pixel one and a half” doesn’t work very well. The next was that there’s not much of a growth path for 320×320. Hardware vendors told us that they had no plans to make 640×640 screens (where they do have plans to make 480×480 screens).

At least now we have a little more understanding of why we are living in a 240×240 world while we wait for 480×480 screens to become more prevalent.

Source: Pocket PC Thoughts

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