Brighthand: Push email for older Windows Mobile devices

With the MSFP (Messaging and Security Feature Pack), Microsoft caught up to RIM in offering a push-email technology. Unfortunately, it requires that you have both Windows Mobile 5.0 and the AKU2 update on your device and that your Exchange servers run on Exchange 2003 Service Pack 2. Are you completely out of luck if you’re running an older version of Windows Mobile or if your servers don’t feature the latest service pack? Not anymore thanks to Brighthand.

Essentially, Brighthand shows you how to set up a remote ActiveSync with your server to pull down emails but also your address book and calendar if you want to. The technique works both with a cellular-wireless plan or over Wi-Fi.

So what if it’s more of a scheduled pull than a push, it can get the job done without any new software or a new device or the latest Exchange 2003 service pack.

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