Convert DVDs for your mobile device with Spb Mobile DVD

Spb Mobile DVD

Spb Software House has released its latest application. Spb Mobile DVD is a desktop application that will let you convert DVDs an video files to a mobile format for your mobile device. Unfortunately, it is impossible to directly copy a video file from a PC or laptop, due to file size and bit rate limitations. Video files must be converted and compressed to a smaller size, but the smaller the file size, the poorer the video quality. To achieve the best compromise between the two, Spb Mobile DVD offers a unique true real-time preview feature, which allows to see the result even before the conversion starts.

Among the other features of Spb Mobile DVD, you will find a fast conversion speed (a hour DVD can be converted in about 20 minutes), a variety of options to control what gets converted and bit rate optimization, support for VMW and XVID formats and an easy to use interface.

Spb Mobile DVD is available for $24.95 USD from our affiliate Clickapps. A trial version is also available.

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