More iPhone details?

The latest podcast from Diggnation (from Kevin Rose, the founder of Digg) reveals some interesting details about the upcoming iPhone. First, one more indication that the iPhone will be unveiled in January. Then, some new details: The phone will come to all providers. It will feature two batteries, one for the DAP and one for the phone (brilliant, I say!). Two versions will be available, one with 4GB of storage (for about $249 USD) and another with 8GB ($449 USD). Both will use Flash memory and feature a slide out keyboard. Kevin also teases us with the fact that the phone will do some unique things and may include a touch screen. Kevin also calls it tiny (I’m paraphrasing).

One mystery that will remain unsolved for now: The OS. No information here from Kevin unfortunately.

MacWorld 2007 could be very interesting indeed!

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