Going back to that old PDA

Antoine Wright over at Brighthand posted an interesting article about what happened when he decided to go back to an older Pocket PC PDA that had been collecting dust since he upgraded to a Treo 650. Suddenly, he was dealing with a device that had no phone capabilities, no Bluetooth, no Wi-Fi (although an SD card resolved that), just enough RAM to do the basics and Windows Mobile 2003.

His conclusions serve to remind us that yesterday’s devices may be more than enough even if they lack all the latest bells and whistles and associated conveniences. Then again, they may not as Antoine found out (If a handheld doesn’t have the ability to go wireless with Wi-Fi , Bluetooth, or cellular, then I just don’t want it.).

The article is also a trip down memory lane (remember the first time that your iPAQ’s battery was completely drained and you lost everything?).

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