How to keep your wine from oxidizing

Open Wine Bottle Anti-Oxidation System

If you are a discerning oenologist, this gadget will ensure that your wines are served at the correct temperature and peak flavour with no loss of taste or nose due to oxidation. The handcrafted Open Wine Bottle Anti-Oxidation System uses inert nitrogen gas to push the wine out of the bottle through the spigot, serving one glass at a time. The dispenser will work with up to four bottles (2 red and 2 white) and four more can be kept in reserve. Each of the sections can be kept at a separate temperature, ensuring the optimal serving temperature.

The system will help keep a wine for up to two weeks which means that you no longer have to finish that bottle of wine the night you opened it (unless you really want to).

The Open Wine Bottle Anti-Oxidation System is available for $1,974.95 USD.

Source: Born Rich

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