How is the Zune selling?


With the Zune release now more than two weeks behind us, how well is it selling? One barometer extensively quoted is Amazon’s MP3 player sales charts. For the first few days, the Zune seemed solidly embedded in the top 10. A look tonight at the list shows the black Zune in 16th position. The brown and white show up in 45th and 46th respectively. In comparison, there are 11 Apple iPods ahead of the black Zune.

Meanwhile, the NPD Group is reporting that the Zune ranked second in unit sales for MP3 players during its first week of release.

In term of unit sales, Apple is projected to sell up to 15 million iPods while Microsoft is likely to sell between 300,000 and 500,000 Zunes this holiday season. Microsoft Zune Director Jason Reindorp indicated that these numbers match internal business projections.

Shall we revisit these numbers after the Zune family has grown to include additional devices and other countries?