More remote-control sumo-bots

DNA Robot Wars

Remember the inflatable remote control Sumo Wrestlers? Ready to take your living room wrestling to the next level? Introducing DNA Robot Wars. Two sumo-bots (distant cousins of R2-D2?) face off in a circular ring. Even better, they are capable of learning new special moves. After your robot has earned a few victories, you can download new codes that will improve your robot’s attack and defense skills.

DNA Robot Wars comes with two robots, 2 infrared remotes, a circular fighting arena (with built-in speakers for the enthusiastic shouting and cheering from spectators), and a barcode reader stand to teach your robots new moves. You also get instructions and a CD and can download Robot DNA Stunt Creator for your Windows XP computer (presumably to create your own moves).

DNA Robot Wars is available for about $100 USD (£49.95).


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