HTC Excalibur replacement in the works for 2007

Smartphone Thoughts is reporting that HTC is already hard at work on the HTC Excalibur (eg, the Dash) successor. Codenamed “Cavalier”, it promises to be quite an upgrade. Instead of the 200MHz processor, it will feature a 400MHz Samsung processor, quad-band (GSM/GPRS/EDGE) support, UMTS (2100/850/1900) and HSDPA and a 2MP camera. Like the current Excalibur, it will have a 2.4-inch screen, Bluetooth and 128MB ROM and 64MB RAM. Although no pictures are available, it promises to be the same form factor albeit a little bit larger.

The Cavalier could be released as early as the end of January 2007. I wonder how many people will now hold off getting a Dash and wait for the Cavalier instead.

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