.mobi domains coming in May

Starting in May, .mobi domain names will be available for sale. The idea behind .mobi sites is that they will follow a set of design standards that will ensure improved accessability and readability on small screens (such as those found on Smartphones and PDAs). The standards will ensure content works for Web browsing, mobile messaging and device compliance on mobile devices, according to dotMobi chief executive officer Neil Edwards. More information on the standards can be found on the .mobi site.

While some companies such as 3 Mobile, Google, Nokia, Microsoft, T-Mobile and others are setting up new sites, it is not required. Any site can be designed to support small screens and mobile devices (eg, Google, Yahoo and Amazon).

The registration process will take place in 3 phases: Industry organizations will go first from May 22 to May 29, trademark copyright holders will follow from June 12 through August 21 and general registration will begin on August 28.

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