Treo 700w: A reviewer changes his mind

Palm Treo 700w

Oftentimes, reviewers only get products for a limited time before sitting down to write their reviews. As a result, they may not have the opportunity to really put the product through all its paces and what may seem like a good feature after 30 minutes of play may become more of an annoyance when used on a daily basis for a longer time.

James Turner over at has discovered this with his Treo 700w. I was impressed enough with the unit to actually buy one from Verizon a week or so later. Now, three months later, I’ve compiled a list of issues that would have probably kept me from buying one had known about them. Three issues have forced James to reconsider his original assessment: The limited memory (24MB) available to run programs, the 240×240 screen is too small and worse of all, is the pitiful stability of the software. He found the the phone to often be sluggish, unresponsive for minutes a time and that it locked up often (requiring a reset).

For James, the Treo 700w still holds a lot of promise but daily use has also exposed lots of frustrations that his original review had not.

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