More evidence for the iPAQ hw6900

A document posted on HP lends credence to the rumours that the iPAQ hw6900 family is real. The document, a Declaration of Conformity provides little information excep to list the following models: the hw6910, hw6915, hw6920, hw6925, hw6940, hw6945, hw6965 Series Mobile Messenger.

The declaration shows part numbers only for the hw6910 and hw6915 (with camera) and available only in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Bulgaria, German,y France, Spain, UK, Italy, Russia and South Africa.

Note: The ‘More information’ link will take you to a PDF document. But given that this document is a legal filing that might only be required in certain countries, I would not take this to mean that the hw6900 will not be available in North America.

Source: Mobility Today

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