More HTC 2007 roadmap details

First we found out about the upcoming Cavalier, Athena, Libra, Love (similar to Artemis but without GPS) and Vox devices from HTC. Now comes word from Russian site of still more HTC models.

First up is the Omni. Few details are available but it is supposed to be an update to the HTC Universal. It should sport the same 3.6-inch VGA screen but it should be a bit smaller without sacrificing any of the hardware specs. Up next is the Kaiser which will replace the Hermes. It adds GPS support but otherwise should be comparable.

In the area of PDA phones, the Panda will feature a large (perhaps as high as 3.7-inch) QVGA display and a 400MHz processor but will not have 3G support. The Elf will have a touch-sensitive pad rather than hardware buttons but will otherwise feature a fairly basic configuration (200MHz processor, Bluetooth but no Wi-Fi or 3G).

On the smartphone side, the HTC Wings is an upgrade to the yet-unreleased Vox. It will a more powerful processor, 3G support and GPS. The last device remains unnamed at this time but appears to be a Star Trek clamshell upgrade with GPS receiver and additional GPS bands support.

If you’re interested in the HTC Athena, start saving your pretty pennies. It looks like it will go for about $1700 USD.

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