More HTC models coming

Engadget has gotten word about some of HTC’s upcoming plans (aside from acquiring Dopod). The Muse has been renamed the Melody and the Trilogy (DAB-IP enabled Smartphone) has become the Monet. Meanwhile, the Hermes is supposed to get a 400HMz processor as it hits production (the latter supports our O2 XDA trianon story).

The Artemis combines GPS, EDGE data and a trackball! The Herald is supposed to offer similar functionality to the Hermes but in a package measuring only 17mm in thickness. On the mobile TV side, Oxygen will join the Foreseer and Monet. The Excalibur is supposed to compete with the Motorola Q (expect thin and QWERTY). Lastly, the Vera may be Star Trek’s successor and could come with HSDPA and a front-facing camera for video calling.

It sounds like there may be an HTC roadmap floating about!

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