MyBackupBox: Easy backup solution


We all know that backing up our computers is critical to ensure that we don’t lose our data in case of a hardware failure. Backup solutions are nothing new but most require at least some degree of familiarity with your hard drive’s directory to know which files to backup. MyBackupBox takes a different approach: The BackupBox software creates a complete image of the hard drive. That means that anyone can backup their own computers without having to do anything (no technical knowledge needed). There are no tapes or CD’s to burn, in fact, after the initial setup (less than 2 minutes), the BackupBox software creates an image of the hard drive. From this point on, the process is automatic and on-going, so the user never has to do anything again.

MyBackupBox offers the Personal BackupBox in either 80GB or 250GB versions. A 80GB mobile version is also available. You can also buy just the sofware (if you already have another backup drive. Prices start at just over $250 USD for hard drive and software. The software is available for under $200 USD.

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