OtterBox now offering rugged laptop carrying case

OtterBox has announced limited availability of some of its rugged laptop carrying cases. These cases, like other OtterBox products, are meant to protect your laptop from water or dust and ensure that it can survive being dropped. The case comes in 3 sizes: A small case for laptops with screens up to 13-inches, medium for ones with up to 15-inch screens and a large one for 17-inch screen laptops. The medium case is available now with the other two to be avaiable as customer demand requires.

The cases will keep your laptop dry in up to 1 meter (3 feet) of water and are drop-resistant 1 meter (3 feet) to concrete. The laptop can also be used and plugged in while still in the case. It provides easy acces to drives and ports and comes with customizable shock-absorbing bumpers to ensure the proper fit for your specific computer.

The cases can also be used to protect slates, tablets, UMPCs and convertible tablet PCs.

The medium OtterBox rugged laptop case is available for $169.95 USD directly from OtterBox.

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