Stay warm this winter with the heated vest

Heated vest

While December temperatures have been higher than usual (it hit 10 degrees Celsius today) in Toronto, I suspect that this won’t last much longer. And when temperatures drop, the Hammacher Heated Vest would prove quite useful. Using carbon fiber technology powered by compact and unobtrusive rechargeable batteries, this heated vest generates four consecutive hours of warmth and, if necessary, can easily fit underneath a coat, providing adjustable warmth for a variety of comfort levels. It uses safe, low-power infrared rays to transmit heat throughout the carbon fiber mesh sewn into the vest.

Fashion details: The vest is made of 100 percent polyester and is black on one side and reverses to gray on the other.

This toasty warmth is yours for only $129.95 USD directly from Hammacher.

Source: Gearlog

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