The Formula 1 mousepad

F1 mousepad

Is there a Formula 1 fan for whom you have to get a gift soon? How about a Formula 1 mousepad? It’s not just any mousepad though; this one is made of solid carbon fibre with an inlaid leather mouse area, comes with an Italian black suede backing and is empossed with the F1 Formula 1 logo. It is handmade by some of the same specialist composite technicians who build Formula One monocoques.

The mousepad is suitable for either an optical or ball-operated mouse (oh good!) and will only set you back 260 £! It does come wrapped in F1 tissue paper and is presented in a luxury matte box with the F1 logo. For 260 &pound, I would certainly expect not to have to do my own giftwrapping!

Source: Gizmodo

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