Discommon Goods Watch Wallet for your travels

Discommon Goods Watch Wallet

It can sometimes be difficult to keep track of all of your important but small items when travelling. As if keeping track of essentials like your passport and credit cards was not enough, add a couple of watches (you’ve got to have the right watch for every occasion after all) and you may be wondering how best to carry everything in a convenient […]

Apple to offer limited edition Olympic straps for Apple Watch

Olympics strap for Apple Watch

The Summer Olympic Games kick off on August 5th in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. There are already a number of ways to show your support for the country of your choice. Apple this week unveiled one more way to do so, limited edition Apple Watch woven-nylon straps sporting the flag colours of 14 participating countries. The countries that will have their own Apple […]

Coach Apple Watch straps appear briefly on retailer’s website ahead of announcement

Rumoured Coach strap for Apple Watch

Rumours that Coach was getting ready to launch a line of Apple Watch straps were effectively confirmed over the past few days. We learned back in April that the U.S. fashion house best known for its leather bags and purses was readying up to nine different bands in different colours and decorations like custom stitching patterns and charms like flowers and stars. […]

Apple to partner with Coach on new line of Coach Apple Watch straps?

Rumoured Coach straps for Apple Watch

Apple took the Apple Watch further into the luxury market last year with a partnership with famed fashion house Hermès. The two companies unveiled the Apple Watch Hermès and a line of straps more recently. It now appears that Apple could soon unveil a second such partnership. According to fashion blog Haute Écriture, Coach, a U.S. Manhattan company best known for its […]

Samsung Gear S2 Band Adapter goes on sale

Samsung Gear S2 Band Adapter

Samsung today announced a new accessory for its Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch. The Gear S2 Band Adapter will give consumers greater flexibility in customizing their smartwatch. It makes it compatible with standard 20mm watch straps, including the Gear S2 classic strap, opening up a much wider range of options, including leather, metal and ceramic straps. The Gear S2 Band Adapter is made of lightweight stainless […]

Standalone Apple Watch Hermès bands to go on sale April 19th

Double Tour Hermès band for Apple Watch

Apple unveiled the Apple Watch Hermès in September 2015. It paired the stainless steel case Apple Watch with one of three Hermès leather band designs. Until today, you could only buy the band and watch as a set and you had limited colour choices. Starting April 19th, Apple will offer the Apple Watch Hermès bands in a range of new colours. Better yet, it […]

New Apple patents hint at modular smart bands for Apple Watch

Apple Watch smart band patent

A trio of new patents filed by Apple suggest that it could turn to accessories to offer new features and capabilities to the Apple Watch. The patents suggest that the smartwatch’s capabilities would be complemented by interchangeable smart straps or even user-customizeable modular smart bands assembled from individual links. This modular hardware ecosystem would allow Apple to offer a range of functions without having to […]